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                                                  WE ARE A STARTUP MADE IN POR T U GAL

A Unitalents is the startup of recruiting and selecting university talent for companies and startups through an online platform that matches customer needs and candidate profile through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

We are a community that brings the best talents and the best companies together, regardless of their geographical location.
We offer to | specialized techicians | university students | recent-graduates | graduates with experience with unique and dynamic career development opportunities with real projects, and giving companies direct access to information on the best talent and effective recruitment of them.

We do recruitment and selection, employer branding and specialized recruitment. 


We are not a final destination, we are the vehicle that you will use to make the best decisions. We are a point of intersection, marking a before and after in the recruitment process, born in a time when digital transformation is on every company's agenda and the need for talent recruitment has become crucial for any industry that wants to innovate.

We offer unique career opportunities and talented candidates in an agile and transparent process.

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Our mission, is to connect talents with positions and careers that match their needs and abilities. With the help of our prestigious partner companies, we are able to make these matches quickly, efficiently and with ample consideration to the needs of the client and the candidate.


People matter, we always look for their professional and personal appreciation. We have every responsibility to contribute to a better society. This awareness of organizational citizenship increases when our activity affects the future of people. We want to support companies and initiatives that promote this well-being. We do not believe in growth at any cost. In Market in crisis the rulles are diluted between the needs of the customers and the survival of the suppliers. We want to offer value-added solutions to our customers.

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